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Ask a Trainer: “How do you teach hand targeting?”

First, what is “hand targeting?” It is a simple “trick” wherein your dog learns to tap his or her nose onto your fist or open hand. Check out our blog post on why this is such a helpful behavior. There are numerous ways to teach hand targeting. […]

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Ask a Trainer: “Why are we teaching our dogs to tap their noses on our hands?”

Our group classes at “I Said Sit!” School for Dogs, often start with a few minutes of practicing “Hand Targeting.” This looks like a simple game in which your dog taps her nose on your hand. While learning how to teach hand targeting is quite simple, we […]

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Ask a Trainer: “Why do you say not to let our dogs meet on leash?”

Ask the Trainer: “Why do you say not to let our dogs meet on leash?” Trainer: Jeb Cadwell CPDT-KA, CWIGI I discourage people from allowing their puppies or untrained dogs to meet other dogs on leash. My students commonly ask why. I’ll answer this question with an […]

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How to Choose a Dog Training Program

It can be absolutely mind boggling to pick the right dog training for you and your dog. There are so many different methods, programs and training schools. How do you possibly decide? How do you make sure you don’t end up with the wrong one? What if […]

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Puppies: It’s All Fun and Games Until Something Gets Chewed

Owning a puppy is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Puppies are full of unconditional love for their human family. But they will make mistakes and they will get into trouble. If you realize that now, you can be prepared to be a kind […]

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How to Begin Training Your Puppy

If you are about to get your new puppy or if you have just gotten one, the first few weeks or even the first few days will set the tone for your puppy’s future. You will have a much easier time puppy raising if you get things […]

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Puppy Socialization Class Reduces the Risk of Aggression in Dogs

Puppy class is proven to reduce the occurrence of aggression in dogs by helping to socialize them early on! A recent study examined almost 4,000 dogs and owners and they were looking at aggression cases. One of the most incredible findings is that going to puppy class […]

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Puppy Vaccination Myths

If you have a puppy, or are thinking or getting one soon, you probably know your puppy will need to receive a series of vaccinations to help protect it from diseases. There are some veterinarians who support early socialization and there are others who will discourage you […]

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Vaccine Failures and Socialization in Puppies

Most people know they need to vaccinate their puppies and that their veterinarians require booster vaccines, but do you know what vaccines do and why your vet requires booster vaccines? Do you know why puppies have a series of multiple vaccinations and that vaccines can fail? Why […]

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Word to the Wise Socialize

What can happen if you don’t and what can happen if you do? One of my biggest goals as a dog trainer is to educate the public, veterinarians and pet owners alike about the real need and proper methods for socializing dogs.  It’s a common train of […]

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