Dog Training Methods

Jonathan Klein and his trainers use a “causative” approach to dog training. In order to solve a dog’s particular behavior issue, we work with the client to eliminate the factors that created it in the first place. Our approach is much more effective than merely offering corrections directed only at the symptoms.

An example of a behavioral issue Jonathan can effectively address with his causative approach would be insecurity. Insecurity is a common cause of a number of symptoms, ranging from destructive behavior, separation anxiety and running away, to biting, barking and other forms of aggression. In that context, a solution only directed at the symptoms might actually make the problem worse or create another problem. Proper training eliminates confusion, which results in increased confidence and less insecurity. So there is a behavioral component to all training we do with your dog.

By truly understanding the root causes of the dog’s behavior, we are able to develop a direction in training that will achieve measurable results. Knowing this enables us to determine the best solution for your dog. If your dog shows problem behavior, we look for the cause and remedy it in a positive and loving way. This has the benefit of a long-term solution without unwanted detrimental side effects such as fear, stress or anxiety.

ss isaidsit-49 400x400The idea is to teach your dog as quickly and easily as possible. Working with its natural instincts and reflexes, we use humane methods that teach your dog, but will not “break its spirit”. At first we train with no distractions; then we teach your dog that it should mind even if distractions are present. Motivation, praise and proper discipline are all used in the training.

Since ”I Said Sit!” specializes in behavior problems, we focus our attention on training dogs as household pets. We know that you have a life that involves much more than your dog, and our recommended practice methods are designed to accommodate your lifestyle. “I Said Sit!” owner Jonathan Klein will say, “I train for reality”, so we work to help you make your dog adaptable to unforeseen changes in your future, such as moving, new work schedules, a new baby, or children going back and forth from school.

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