Parting Wisdom from my Mentor, Jonathan Klein

The Take Away Lesson Jonathan Klein trained thousands of dogs, and their humans, over the course of 30+ years. His recent passing has left us all very sad, yet we’re also endlessly grateful for the positive change he brought into our lives. He founded, “I Said Sit!” […]

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Brand New Trick & Fitness Day Training Programs!

Did you make a resolution this year?  While you work on your mental and physical health, don’t forget about your dog. Mental stimulation and exercise can add years to your furry companion’s life. There are all sorts of activities we can do with and teach our dog […]

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Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait To Teach Your Dog “Wait”

My dog training students often ask, “What is the difference between Stay and Wait?” It’s a good question. After all, they have the same hand signal and “Wait,” like “Stay”, is often used to keep a dog where she is when you gave the cue. When I […]

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5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 5)

Science Based Methods Make Sure The Dog Is An Active Participant In The Training Process For many years, I trained with methods I really now considered “Old School”. Of course they worked, or I wouldn’t have ever been successful as a dog trainer. Over the course of […]

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5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 4)

It Is Important To Continue Especially When You See A Small Bit Of Progress If your child had just started school and had learned a few things you wouldn’t stop after only a few weeks. That is the time to really take advantage of the momentum and […]

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5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 3)

Record and Measure Your Results to See the Improvement It is really common for clients to start all fired up and then fizzle out during the training process. Sometimes it is hard to see the results when the change is gradual. Especially with issues like leash reactivity […]

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5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 2)

Don’t go “In and Out” of Training Mode Your dog is learning all the time. That includes when we think we are teaching them and when we aren’t. It is really relevant when you begin on a training program, because if your dog does get the chance […]

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5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 1)

We run a busy dog school in a community of busy people. Because we do have a great reputation for working with more difficult behavior issues, we get a lot of dogs that fall into the category we call “Beyond Basic Training” or B-Mod dogs. Since training […]

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2016 Rates

Dear Valued Client, It’s a pleasure to work with you and your dogs. Thanks so much for the opportunity of letting us help you with your training and dog care needs. Due to the rising cost of doing business we will be restructuring some training programs and […]

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How to Successfully Introduce a New Dog to Your Home

The First Week Home Sets the Tone I was so excited when I got my last dog and I said to myself that with all my experience, I ought to be able to get it right. My next thought was, if I did it wrong I could […]

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