Individual Dog Training Lessons and Consultations

If you are not sure which program is right for you, we suggest that you do a consultation or a single lesson first.  We will determine whether your dog just needs some basic training (GED – Generally Educated Dog) or if you really need a behavioral modification program (Special Education). (…more)

Private Dog Lessons

Private dog lessons are for people who want our guidance on how to train their own dog.  With these programs, we teach your dog the new training exercises and then show you exactly how to practice at home.  Lessons can be arranged either at your home, at our training school, or a combination of both. (…more)

In Home Tutoring

We offer In-Home Tutoring, either in single lessons or complete training programs.  If your dog gets carsick or hasn’t had enough vaccinations to go to another location, In-Home Tutoring is the perfect solution.  If there is particular destructive behavior or an issue with barking or guests, often the best solution is to have a trainer come to your home and solve it right there.

We can arrange weekly lessons to show you exactly what to do and then you train your dog on your own with our instructions.  If you are too busy to train your dog yourself every day, or if you just want your dog trained by a professional dog trainer, we can do our complete 4-week daily training package.  We do all the training of your dog and include weekly follow up lessons to insure the lessons transfer seamlessly from our trainers to everyone in your family. (…more)

Group Dog Training Classes

Group classes are a series of lessons where you learn with your dog in class then take the dog home and practice the lessons there with your dog.  We offer a variety of choices from puppy socializing classes and basic on to more advanced training.  We also offer specialty and fun training classes like Movie Dog Tricks, Agility and Reactive Dog classes.  They are the least expensive of individual training choices, but also require the biggest commitment on your part to make the training effective.  (…more)

Dog Day School

Daily Dog Training programs are our most popular training programs.  There are two parts of all dog training programs, the dog needs regular practice so the new lessons become habit and the owner and family need to know what to do so that the training transfers.  Your dog gets training daily and we include a private lesson with the family each week your dog is in one of the Day Dog Training programs.

Dog Day School is available as a Dog Day Care only program or as a Dog Boarding Training Program.  Each has different benefits depending on your particular needs and time availability.  There are Day School options for both puppies and for older dogs.  Pick up and delivery service is also available in our School Bus. (…more)

Dog Boarding Daily Training

We have different options for boarding training.  We can board your dog 24/7 and you can come either during or after the training program to do your follow up lessons.  This is a perfect option if you are traveling and you want to get your dog trained while you are boarding your dog anyway.  We also offer a M-F program, where we board and train your dog during the week and you pick it up or we deliver it home on Friday. (…more)

Beyond Basic Training

This is a private training program designed for dogs that need more than basic obedience.  Obedience is included as a part of training because it is an integral part of the foundation, but this program is more intensive and will help to change the way your dog behaves and how you behave with your dog.  We address behavioral problems like: aggression to dogs and/or humans, separation anxiety, fear, excessive barking, adult house breaking, severe destructive behavior and more. (…more)

Semi Private-Group

Combine any Dog Group Class with a private lesson either in school or in home at a discounted rate.  If you want to make sure you have an adequate chance to really fill in the gaps of a group series, you can do it in conjunction with one private lesson at a special rate.  This is the ideal way to get a start individually before you begin a dog group class or if you have a particular behavior or training issue that you want to fine tune if it isn’t a part of the standard curriculum. (…more)

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