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doggie day care“I Said Sit!” School for Dogs does things differently from “cage free” day care facilities.  For over 20 years, dogs in our care have gone home calm, relaxed and with adequate exercise and mental stimulation. This is because we give the dogs more personal attention and offer a structured environment. In fact, after completing our Day Care Training, our clients find that we have taught their dogs that it’s actually ok to be home alone and often they don’t even need day care after the training is over.

Dog Day Care playgroups are small and hand picked to ensure compatibility. It is our feeling that a normal healthy routine for a dog also includes adequate mental stimulation, exercise and rest. The dogs are allowed to play to have that important social interaction but then we bring them back to their quiet place for a nap, or take them out for an activity. Activities can include extra play time, stuffed kong nap time, walks, brushing, grooming, doggie cuddle time and massage. For a nominal fee you can add agility, nose work, trick practice and training brush up.

Some dogs go to day care for 40+ hours a week while their owners work, they never have a chance to have rest or quiet time. Cage free facilities can be over stimulating and at cage free day care, dogs can become experts at barking, rough play, jumping on the staff and greeting every dog they see. What’s more, they don’t have to wait to go to the bathroom and can go anywhere they want.  It is not uncommon for these dogs to start to exhibit these behaviors at unwanted times, like when you bring them home or try to enjoy a leisurely walk with your dog on a Saturday afternoon.

In cage free day care it is difficult to monitor the dogs individually. We feel that it’s very important to know if the dogs relieved themselves or if they or any other dog might have had nausea or loose stool.  We have a high staff to dog ratio so its easier to watch each dog’s health and behavior and report changes to the owners in a timely fashion.  The play and nap areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected. Our students go home clean because they have designated potty areas. Three of our play areas have raised drained turf so that the dogs aren’t soiling where they play.

We only offer day care to dogs currently in training and to dogs that have completed one of our training programs. This is to ensure that all of our students staying in the nap rooms will be on their best behavior. All of our students get their own “safe place” with bedding and toys. This is where they are fed and able to rest between activities, lessons and playtime.

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