May’s Great Training Story

We have selected our May training tale! You can read about our winner Monica and her dogs Teddy and Wally below. Don’t forget to enter so we can hear your training success story too. Readers will vote for the best monthly training tale, and if your story is chosen, you’ll win a great doggie basket compliments of “I Said Sit!” owner Jonathan Klein  Your story should describe the challenges you faced prior to training, and the changes you’ve seen in your dog after completing training utilizing praise, motivation, play, and structured guidance. To submit your story, please add it to the comment section below. Enter as often as you like!

May Success Story: Monica, Teddy and Wally

cropped-pups-monica-150x150Jonathan truly has a gift with our four-legged friends… I fell in love with 2 puppies at the pet store, so I brought them home. The only problem was that I had never had puppies before, and by the 2nd day I was exhausted and in tears. I was sure I would have to give them up. They were running me ragged. Jonathan came to the house and gave me practical ways to manage the puppies and work with them so that I was in charge of their lives- not the other way around. He also prepared me for the upcoming stages in their development. I was so pleased with his 3 in-home training sessions, that I also sent them both to his Doggie Boot Camp. My little darlings haven’t had any accidents in the house since their puppy potty training, they are exceptional at following commands, and as a bonus: they “Sit”, “Lay Down”, and “Roll Over” in unison. Thanks to Jonathan, I have pets that are a joy to my life and everyone that meets them comments on what delightful and well behaved pups they are!

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