Tater Tot’s Story

dog_training_taterTater Tot, the French Bulldog, is pictured here and he is just finished up his G.E.D. program. Tater has done very well in school. He used to be a very barky young man and he was a bit too interested in everything going on outside of his yard. He started barking at everyone and anything going by the fence and it got to be a bit too much for the neighbors. Funny thing is the neighbors were previous clients and referred them to “I Said Sit!” After reading all the great things our clients have to say on Yelp, Tater’s parents gave us a call to talk about training. Soon enough Tater enrolled in school and he has improved so much. Our trainers spent time with him every day at school and work with him around distractions and other dogs. He learned that paying attention is more rewarding than barking at other stuff. A little bit of guidance goes a long way and now Tater has better manners and more self control.



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