Q: What’s better than Boot Camp? A: Boarding Training Done Right

2e1ax_default_entry_i_said_sit_boarding_schoolHave you ever considered Doggie Boot Camp? Or is there even something better? There are several distinct advantages to sending your dog to a boarding training program, and when you want your dog trained the fastest way possible, a boarding program is the best option.

When it’s done right there are many advantages: 

  1. Having an experienced professional dog trainer provides consistency.
  2. Your dog will learn the fastest without regressing in the process.
  3. You only have to implement what the dog has already learned.
  4. Changing environments will stop old habits and create new ones at the same time.

Consistency is Built In

The first advantage of a boarding program is that it provides consistency. Anyone training their dog has heard that consistency is important; in fact if you are inconsistent just 10% of the time, it is probably likely that you make it twice as hard to get the success or response to commands that you want. If you have a busy home with many people interacting with the dog, or you don’t practice the lessons every day, your dog will progress slowly. On the other hand, if your dog is learning while boarding, they will progress through the whole program.

Your Dog Will Be Trained Quickly

The second advantage is that your dog will learn as quickly as possible. You won’t need to worry about how long it will take to housebreak your puppy or how to crate train and get your puppy to sleep through the night, because your trainer will do it for you. The learning process itself will not only go more smoothly, but will also go much faster than when you try to do it on your own.

You Don’t Have to Train Them – Just Implement

The third benefit is that you don’t need to learn to be a dog trainer; you only need to learn how to practice the lessons that your dog has been taught.  An experienced trainer will get rid of old habits and instill new ones quickly because that’s what they do. A good program will include lessons with you throughout the process so you and your dog get many chances to practice the new improved attitude together. That’s the key so you know how to help your dog mind when you get him home.  

Enforce New Habits, Break Old Ones More Easily

Lastly, boarding training programs eliminate the possibility of slipping into old habits when the trainer isn’t there or when the dog goes home at night. A good example of this might be if you want your dog to learn not to bark at the window, but when you aren’t watching he’s still able to do it. Continued practice makes it hard to break old habits, so it is to your advantage to enroll in a board and train program that is long enough for the dog to make new ones. And new good habits are hard to break, too!

Also people often ask if this type of program will work for dogs with more serious behavior issues, or if it will help solve problems that only occur at home. Since your dog isn’t getting a chance to practice the bad behavior it used to do so regularly its not becoming more expert at the wrong behavior, it learns new habits quickly. Behavior modification takes time and is a fluid process but a good expert will help you with protocols that you can continue to implement at home and keep the progress moving forward. They won’t make claims that they can magically fix your dog and send it home perfect but, will show you the progress and make you an integral part of the process.

The Best of All Training Worlds

Structured rest, training and playtime programs are the best combination of all your dog’s needs. In a good program, your dog won’t be stressed or bored. Your dog should have a quiet place where it isn’t disturbed, since a healthy happy dog needs enough rest every day anyway. It needs lessons and play time too, the solution is to have a balanced combination of all three.

Boarding training, done right, can be fast and effective for both basic manners and more complex behavior issues. It is better than boot camp because your dog should get an interactive routine just like you would at home. The dogs love the interaction and consistency, and the dogs and owners are set up to be successful. When you minimize the chance to fail, you eliminate the old bad behavior quickly and get your dog on track to a new future. Then you can really begin to enjoy your dog like you want!

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