Past Graduates Excelling in Real Life Experiences

Max and Mia started out their training with us when they were just 5 months old and we just got such a wonderful update from their owners Lisa and Clay that we wanted to share their success. Two well behaved “teenage” Labradors enjoying a nice lunch out with their owners is a sight to see. Good work Lisa and Clay for keeping up with the training!

Hi Jonathan:

max-mia-294x300Hope you are doing well. Just wanted to share something with you about your former students.  Here is a picture of the pups (now 18 months old) being so well behaved at one of our local restaurants that allows dogs in their outside seating area.  They just laid down under the table the entire time watching everyone walk by and Clay and I had a nice leisurely lunch. Clay was actually shocked how good they were.  As we got up to leave, we were complimented by other restaurant patrons who were very surprised to find out they were still puppies. We owe a lot of that credit to your schooling and time with them. It’s so much fun taking them places. Please give our best to Nick and Jennifer also.

Regards,  Lisa

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