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Dog Body ConditionAs this year comes to a close many of you will be making New Year Resolutions. Many of us aspire to start the new year with a healthy new outlook including eating right and working out.   Does your cuddly canine need a little boost in the right direction too? Your dog is your best friend, he loves you unconditionally, and he would be thrilled to be your running partner, or your walking partner, and you can motivate one another to get fit.

Recent studies by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention show that pet obesity is climbing every year.  Over 50% of our pets are overweight or obese.  We need to be responsible stewards for our pets and help them trim off those extra pounds. Overweight dogs are susceptible to many medical conditions. It is not a question of if your dog will get sick due to extra weight, but a question of when.  Common medical issues in over weight pets are diabetes, heart disease, respiratory issues, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and some cancers. This picture to the right will help to give an idea of your dog’s current body condition.

Ready to get your dog in shape? Start with a vet exam to rule out medical conditions that could be causing weight gain such as thyroid problems or Cushing’s disease.   Talk to your vet about cutting back on food, maybe switch to a lower calorie food, and what activities you dog can do.  Most dogs love walking so get those leashes out and starting walking. A walk to shed pounds is a bit different than a casual stroll. Don’t let Fido sniff everything, just get walking. Set a brisk pace, monitor your dog and don’t forget to bring water.  This is a great time for training your dog to walk nice on leash. If you need tips on that check out this video here.

Still looking for more activities? Agility and Nose Work are great classes to keep Fido active. Look at our class schedule here to sign up.

For more valuable information relating to pet obesity please visit the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention website here.

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