Fourth of July Dog Safety

2e1ax_default_entry_4th-july-pup-smallThe 4th of July is around the corner and it is time to review safety tips for your dog so you can both have a happy and safe Independence Day.

Fireworks and parties are supposed to be fun but can become scary and dangerous for our dogs without some planning to make them safe.

Here are some tips on how you can plan a safe holiday for your dog.

  • Be sure your dog has on current ID tags on its collar and has a microchip in case they get out.
  • Keep dog safe inside your home. A cozy crate or room might be the place your dog is most comfortable.
  • Try to play music for your dog to help relax and partially cover the sounds of fireworks.
  • Wherever you keep your dog consider how they might try to escape if they get really frightened. For example, an open window might become an escape route.
  • Educate children so they don’t scare dogs with sparklers and firecrackers.

Most people can understand how fireworks can be scary for dogs but there also a lot of hidden dangers at a backyard BBQ. Many common items can be dangerous such as bones, alcohol, and sunscreen. Click here to review more pet safety tips from our friends at the ASPCA.

If you have a dog who is very fearful or scared we can help you with a behavioral modification program. Training can help your dog be more comfortable in situations that previously gave them anxiety.

The staff at “I Said Sit!” wish you and your pets have a very safe and happy 4th of July.

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