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5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 3)

Record and Measure Your Results to See the Improvement It is really common for clients to start all fired up and then fizzle out during the training process. Sometimes it is hard to see the results when the change is gradual. Especially with issues like leash reactivity […]

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5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 1)

We run a busy dog school in a community of busy people. Because we do have a great reputation for working with more difficult behavior issues, we get a lot of dogs that fall into the category we call “Beyond Basic Training” or B-Mod dogs. Since training […]

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When Your Dog Needs Puppy Steps

In the following video I recreated and likely solved a problem a client had while trying to prompt her dog to do a new trick. The Back Story Elwood had gradually learned Rollover and I then showed his owner a hand gesture to accompany the cue, “Rollover”. […]

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APDT BOT and LIMA: What does it all mean?

If you have ever talked to me about dogs you know that I am a firm believer in non aversive and reward based training. The methods that we suggest always start with teaching the dog what we want it to do, rather than punishing it for something […]

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Clicker Training Your Dog – Fast, Effective & Fun

There are a lot of opposing views on how best to train dogs.  What methods work best to train dogs and solve behavior problems? The first thing to remember is that it’s just as easy for a dog to learn the wrong behavior as it is for […]

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The Power of Positive Dog Training and The Perils of Punishment

At lunch today, I was talking about a dog I was training. A friend said, “Don’t you think a few good whacks with a newspaper ought to just about cure that?” As a behaviorist who has spent his career focused on developing and teaching positive dog training […]

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