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Is the Breed of a Dog Important to its Behavior?

“My dog is a Labrador, he should be able to behave.” “I don’t want a Pitbull, they’re aggressive dogs. I want a friendly dog.” Many people like to or unconsciously label their dog based on its breed. They adopt or buy a dog based on the assumption […]

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Using Activity Monitors to Help with Dog Training

Do you ever wonder where your pet is or what it did during the day? Well now you can find out. You can also use some of that information to tie into a training program for your dog. You might not realize how active or possibly inactive […]

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How to Have a Safe and Happy Halloween with Your Dog

Halloween means lots of parties, candy, and costumes. This combination can be overwhelming for many dogs. Keep in mind that your dog might be scared of people in costumes if there hasn’t been a lot of socializing, so your dog might be more comfortable away from the […]

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Fourth of July Dog Safety

The 4th of July is around the corner and it is time to review safety tips for your dog so you can both have a happy and safe Independence Day. Fireworks and parties are supposed to be fun but can become scary and dangerous for our dogs […]

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DNA Tests for Dogs

DNA tests for your dog are a fun novelty that may give you all the answers and can on occasion create more questions than answers.  With the cost of some tests dropping down to just $65, why not try it? The result may confirm your well thought […]

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Get Fit With Fido

As this year comes to a close many of you will be making New Year Resolutions. Many of us aspire to start the new year with a healthy new outlook including eating right and working out.   Does your cuddly canine need a little boost in the right […]

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FDA Warning About Chicken Strips

The FDA has recently released a warning about chicken strip dog treats.  These are often called chicken tenders, chicken jerky, and chicken strips.  There has been an increase in the complaints of illness associated with these treats. Cases seen have caused severe to fatal illness in dogs. […]

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Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween around the corner, we want to remind you that Halloween festivities may be too scary for your dog, as they can easily be overwhelmed by all the noises, smells and costumes. To allow for the comfort and safety of your dog on Halloween, we offer […]

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4th of July Safety Tips

Preparing for Fireworks While your family is getting ready for the big fireworks display, take a moment to think of your dog.  Every year, shelters are flooded with dogs who panic and escape from their home or yard because of all the commotion related to fireworks. To […]

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Finicky Fido? Try these mealtime tips.

A premium brand of dry food is best for your dog. Make any changes to the diet gradually over three days to a week. Do not give your dog vitamins or “people food.”  Feed two meals a day to an adult dog, and three meals a day […]

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