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Ask a Trainer: “How do you teach hand targeting?”

First, what is “hand targeting?” It is a simple “trick” wherein your dog learns to tap his or her nose onto your fist or open hand. Check out our blog post on why this is such a helpful behavior. There are numerous ways to teach hand targeting. […]

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Ask a Trainer: “Why are we teaching our dogs to tap their noses on our hands?”

Our group classes at “I Said Sit!” School for Dogs, often start with a few minutes of practicing “Hand Targeting.” This looks like a simple game in which your dog taps her nose on your hand. While learning how to teach hand targeting is quite simple, we […]

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Ask a Trainer: “Why do you say not to let our dogs meet on leash?”

Ask the Trainer: “Why do you say not to let our dogs meet on leash?” Trainer: Jeb Cadwell CPDT-KA, CWIGI I discourage people from allowing their puppies or untrained dogs to meet other dogs on leash. My students commonly ask why. I’ll answer this question with an […]

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Five Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait To Teach Your Dog “Wait”

My dog training students often ask, “What is the difference between Stay and Wait?” It’s a good question. After all, they have the same hand signal and “Wait,” like “Stay”, is often used to keep a dog where she is when you gave the cue. When I […]

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5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 5)

Science Based Methods Make Sure The Dog Is An Active Participant In The Training Process For many years, I trained with methods I really now considered “Old School”. Of course they worked, or I wouldn’t have ever been successful as a dog trainer. Over the course of […]

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5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 4)

It Is Important To Continue Especially When You See A Small Bit Of Progress If your child had just started school and had learned a few things you wouldn’t stop after only a few weeks. That is the time to really take advantage of the momentum and […]

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5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 3)

Record and Measure Your Results to See the Improvement It is really common for clients to start all fired up and then fizzle out during the training process. Sometimes it is hard to see the results when the change is gradual. Especially with issues like leash reactivity […]

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Is the Breed of a Dog Important to its Behavior?

“My dog is a Labrador, he should be able to behave.” “I don’t want a Pitbull, they’re aggressive dogs. I want a friendly dog.” Many people like to or unconsciously label their dog based on its breed. They adopt or buy a dog based on the assumption […]

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How to Choose a Dog Training Program

It can be absolutely mind boggling to pick the right dog training for you and your dog. There are so many different methods, programs and training schools. How do you possibly decide? How do you make sure you don’t end up with the wrong one? What if […]

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May is National Pet Month

5 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month with Your Dog 1. Sign up for a training class. Your dog will enjoy spending time with you and the added benefit of better behavior will make you both happier. Participating in a class is a great way to be […]

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