Brand New Trick & Fitness Day Training Programs!

sit pretty x 3 cropDid you make a resolution this year?  While you work on your mental and physical health, don’t forget about your dog. Mental stimulation and exercise can add years to your furry companion’s life.

There are all sorts of activities we can do with and teach our dog to help them get and stay in shape in 2017. There are the more common ones such as taking obedience classes and going for long hikes and less common ones like nose work and learning new tricks. The great thing is there is something out there for every dog. So whether you have a dog that likes to herd or a dog that likes to lie on the couch we have exiting new training programs.

At “I Said Sit!” School for Dogs we have Certified Trick Dog Instructors to teach your dog those tricks that are a harder than basic behaviors, a ton of fun, and something you can show off to your family and friends next time they come to visit, from the basic tricks like crawl, spin, and back-up to getting your dog to help with those awful chores. We can even teach tricks that you have seen on TV.

We are also working hard to help our dogs get in shape this year. With our FitPAWS Canine Conditioning Equipment we can exercise our dogs in a fun and easy way to make them healthier than they have ever been before. We can help your dog gain better balance and awareness of their body, build confidence, increase range of motion in joints, and strengthen their trunk and core with a complete overall body workout and it doesn’t take long at all. With this program and training 3-5 times a week you can have a healthier and fitter dog.

There are many different activities that your dog can enjoy at “I Said Sit!” School for Dogs. If you are looking for a way to help your dog gain mental and physical stimulation all while adding years to their lives by making them more fit join these new specialized training programs today!

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