Bella, the Five Month Old Aussie

We recently had the privilege of training a stunning young Australian Shepherd puppy named Bella.  She is one smart little girl!  Aussies are known to be very bright and they really enjoy working.  Bella has done great in her day training here at “I Said Sit!”.  She is always eager to learn and picks up on her lessons very quickly.

In this video, Bella shows off her skills going to her “Place.”  You can send her to her bed using the place command from clear across the room and that is a feat for any 5 month old puppy.  Once she gets to her place she lies down and looks back at you with such a smile.  You can tell she knows she did it right.

Bella graduated from school with us on September 8, 2010.  A solid foundation has been laid for her future training. Bella’s family tells us that one day she will be out doing agility and sheep herding and we are confident she’ll excel at it. We are so proud of Bella and her family for all their hard work!

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