Adopt at Shops in Westside Pavilion

It is truly a happy time for Los Angeles and we are thrilled to tell you about two pet shops in the Westside Pavilion that will have dogs and cats available for adoption. The animals will be coming from L.A. city and L.A. county animal shelters.  This is a huge step in fighting puppy mills, educating the public about responsible pet ownership and reducing the number of unwanted pets.

Barkworks is a chain of stores that has faced numerous protests and claims about the source and health of the puppies being sold but hopefully that will all come to an end. Barkworks, located in Westside Pavilion, will be a pilot store and feature some dogs for adoption from L.A. county shelters.  If this goes well the owners of Barkworks say they will begin to convert all their stores into adoption centers.

Friends of L.A. Animal Sheltersis a nonprofit groupdedicated to helping L.A.’s city animal shelters.  They have recently opened L.A. Love and Leashes, in Westside Pavilion, which is an adoption center for animals from the L.A. city shelters.  They had a pilot program in December of 2011 that did well and this weekend on January 21st, they are having their official grand opening.

We encourage you to go and support these programs.  Buy some pet supplies or perhaps consider adopting your next pet at the mall. Los Angeles should be proud to be home to these programs.  These are a great opportunity to help the county and the city of L.A. find homes for many pets.

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