5 Tips To Help Your Dog Change Behavior (Part 2)

Don’t go “In and Out” of Training Mode

Your dog is learning all the time. That includes when we think we are teaching them and when we aren’t. It is really relevant when you begin on a training program, because if your dog does get the chance to practice the undesirable behavior, it will get better at it.

Here’s an example we hear from a lot of our clients. The dog does well at school but not at home. At home though, it is natural to think your dog needs to use the bathroom so you rush it out to the proper place. And you let it pull you there and praise it for going. But really what you have done is let it learn that it is ok to pull. A better plan would be to start the walk for two minutes in the living room or hall. Then the dog will be in essence warmed up before you even exit the door.


Photo credit: www.foundanimals.org

So what we mean by “always be in training mode” is a reminder that your dog is always learning. If you visibly let your dog think that you go in and out of training mode, your dog will certainly learn he only has to mind when you are on and will know he doesn’t have to mind the rest of the time. That is one big explanation for why your dog does so well at school and not anywhere else and there is a good way to avoid that.

Stay aware that your dog is learning all the time and be particularly careful early on that he’s learning what you want. After you are further along in your training program, you can back off a bit, and won’t need to be always on point, but at the beginning, try hard to be diligent and consistent. Plus now that you are started look back soon for a tip on keeping up the momentum now that you are started.

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